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Alright. This is a relatively open thread with a simple concept. In humanities next evolutionary stage, what would you like the to be "Homo Novus" have? Wings? Superior fortitude and physical constitution? Ability to access 90% of their intellect? Anything that may seem plausible. Nothing like a Adamantium shell or something freaky like that.

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Only sub-optimally? I'm quite interested..if you'd be so kind, could you explain or send me a link so that I could read up on that.

T'was in an anthropology lecture where I learned why we get hemorrhoids.. and back pains. Back pains is relatively intuitive why, because we redressed our vertebral column which loaded it with much more weight than it used to. While it now supports our weight quite well, it is still very sensitive to stress.

For the other thing, you need to know that quadrupedal animals apparently have the heart lying vertically lower compared to the anus -> blood flows back to the heart without the help of valves -> no valves present in those venes. Redress the body, and the blood stagnates. It's not much of a problem for a healthy individual, but this is the reason why of all places, we lack venal valves down there. Which is not detrimental but pretty stupid.

Three different reads of basically the same thing..the evolutionary change is a prediction by Dr. Alan Kwan, an expert on computational genomics.

Wow... while they mention it is not a prediction, just purely speculative, it's still interesting. I mean bigger eyes would take away place for the brain so a trade-off would establish, and our facial cranium got smaller compared to our ancestors, but being in space might be similar to being nocturnal.. or not.
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