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Hey guys! So I was thinking that I would start a thread about Windows 8. It is a very heated subject for a lot you guys out there, so tell me what you think about the operating system. I personally kinda like it as a PC but I would not use it as a phone or tablet(RT). The app store is really limited but they do have a light version of Halo 4 in the store. I really like Xbox music(8.1). But most people are mad the that the good old start button hidden. Boo hoo. If you really used it all that much to get to a couple programs then just pin them to the taskbar. You can also get a start button in the windows store for free. Also the task manager is far better that the one found in 7 or vista. Now for those who think that getting Linux is a better idea than getting used to the OS that will be around for the next 10 years, just give it a chance! Use it regularly for a couple months before you judge it. Oh and there are those that got windows 8 for an old computer and then blame the OS when is crashes. What did you expect???
Annnnnyways, I hope that none where offended by this. :-)

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Did you upgrade/downgrade to Linux?

Upgrade. The only thing I lost are Windows-only compatible games that I don't even really play, and besides I got a lot of learning experience and an obvious speed and power boost (as well as efficiency) from my laptop.
No, but it doesn't matter anyway. Windows 8 will be on PC's for years to come and unless people really care to take the time to get a new OS they learn to like it.....

Well, since this thread is about Windows 8 per se, that's purely speculation and doesn't really relate. Yeah, Microsoft is gaming a corrupt system. It has been for a while now.
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