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The game developers of the Bubble Tanks Game Series have informed us that they will no longer be supporting this game online. This means it will be taken down from the Armor Games website due to having several problems in the game that can no longer be fixed...

Because of this game having Quests, we are sad to inform you that they will no longer be available from this point forward. The Quests will be moved to 'Legendary Status', which means they will remain in the Quests list of the users that achieved them before the game was taken down, but can no longer be achieved by those that did not achieve them prior to the game's deactivation.



This thread is a place to discuss quests for Bubble Tanks 3. Here is a list of the current quests available for this bubble-popping game...
Create and edit your tank.
Hardness: Easy
Collect 250 bubbles.
Hardness: Easy
Head Count
Kill 500 enemies.
Hardness: Medium
Clear 100 bubblefields.
Hardness: Hard
Final Showdown
Defeat the end boss.
Hardness: Hard

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