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- - Chibi Knight Guide and Quest Guide (By: Reton8) - -

I posted this guide in the Chibi Knight Quest Forum, but since obtaining most of the quests will also help you complete the entire game I figured I would give this guide it's own individual place.

I know the game is simple, but I enjoyed making this guide.

- Section 1: Terms -

There are a group of terms I should clarify to help make this guide easier. You will often see the terms initial questing area, initial starting area, or initial area. This is the area in which Chibi spawns when you first start the game. This area includes the forest and beach as well. Now, on to the guide.

- How to Obtain Slash'n Burn (Cut down all the trees (secret).) -

The forested area directly above you is the area where you cut down the trees. You will need to get the axe to do this. (after obtaining the axe you simply press a to cut down the trees. You must cut down all the large and small trees to obtain this quest.

In order to get the axe you must beat Furball, the first boss in the desert. The first boss in the desert is to the right of the initial starting area. Once you beat this boss you will receive boots that allow you to walk on water.

Return to the area where you first started and go into the fountain. (The fountain is to your left of the initial spot where you first started). Jump up on the fountain water and then jump up again, you will receive a fairy (that looks just like the fairy in the Zelda games).

Next, leave the fountain and move up to where the forest is, now go up even more. You should see a beach, dock, and water. Walk onto the dock and then go on the water (you have the boots so you can do this) keep going up. You will reach an island where you fight the second boss (the [b]Dragon). Fight and beat this boss. [/b]

Once you beat the boss (you should be on the island) keep going up, go over the water. You should see a boat. Go on to the boat. The screen should change. Walk to the right, talk to the NPC (Non-Player Character) and you will get the axe.

Return to the forest area. Press a to swing the axe and cut down the trees. You must be standing near the trees to cut them down. You must cut down all of the trees, large and small. After doing this you should obtain the quest.

- How to Obtain: Chibi Mage (Get all 4 spells.) -

The First Spell - Bomb Spell: This spell is in the house to your right of the area when you first start the game. Enter the building and walk right. You will talk to an NPC and obtain the spell.

The Second Spell - Healing Spell: You can receive after you obtain the axe (see above section named How to obtain Slash'n Burn for information on how to get the axe). After receiving the axe go to the forested area. Cut down the large try with a bird in it. A building should appear. Go inside and walk to your right, you will talk to an NPC and obtain the spell .

The Third Spell - Shield Spell: You can receive after chopping down many (or all) of the trees. After doing this enter the building to the right of the forest near the coast (this building is up and to the right of the initially start area, when you first play the game). Enter the building, walk right and talk to the NPC. You should obtain the third spell.

The Fourth Spell - Fire Spell shoot fire from your sword): This spell can be obtain in the last questing area. This area is to the left of the area you initially start in. The spell is located on the second floor of the dungeon (or is it a castle) maze. You should see something that looks like a large burning torch/tower with flame on top of it. You walk into that building and then walk right. You will talk to an NPC and obtain the spell.

- How to Obtain Worthy Chibi (Defeat all 3 guardian knights.) -

The Red Guardian Knight: This knight is the easiest knight to defeat. Move far away from the knight and he will throw his hammer at you. Dodge the hammer to avoid damage. The knight will slowly walk toward the hammer. When the knight is walking toward the hammer hit him as many times as you can. If the knight is getting very close to the hammer, move far away from the knight. If you don't move far away, the knight will pick up the hammer and hit you with it. If you do move far away from the knight again, the knight will throw his hammer at you again and then start to slowly walk toward the hammer again. When this happens, again, hit the knight while he is slowly walking toward the hammer and again move far away from the knight when he begins to get very close to the hammer. Repeat this process until the knight is defeated. This should not take long.

The Purple Guardian Knight: This is the second hardest knight to defeat. This knight can be hit when it is standing still at the very beginning of the battle, but primarily this knight can be hit when its dizzy. The knight will spin and move toward you, this is his attack. After the knight does his spin attack he will become dizzy. You will see stars circling above the knight when he's dizzy, this the time to attack. Be careful to dodge the flames (unless you armor is a high level, then it won't really matter). In order to dodge the knight's spin attack you must be on one of the platforms that are above the ground. When you are on the platform you simply have to jump at the right time to dodge the spin attack. This is not hard to do. Keep hitting the knight when he is dizzy and you will defeat him in a rather short time.

The Green Guardian Knight: This is the hardest knight to defeat. The only way to damage this knight is to swing your sword at the rocks that shoot out of the statues' (that you see in the background) mouths. If you time your attack right you will hit the rock and it will go flying. The best way to hit the knight with the rocks is to do the following. Jump on to the one of the platforms that is in front of one of the statues. Stand in just the right spot on the platform which is in front of the statues mouth, but somewhat off center toward the edge of the platform. This is about 1/3 away from the edge of the platform. Turn toward the boss and then swing your sword when the rock falls in front of you. It may be tricky to get the timing down at first, but you should eventually get it. The rocks can hit the knight even when he is off screen. When you start to see the knight walk near jump on to the center platform (the highest one up from the ground) and wait for the knight to pass underneath you. After the knight passes, situate yourself properly on the statue platform that is opposite the statue platform you where standing on before. Stand in the right spot on the platform, face the boss, and swing at the rocks to send them flying at the knight. Repeat this whole process until the knight is defeated. It might be a little tricky to get down. If you are having a lot of trouble with this knight, try to grind your armor to level 8, the maximum level.

- How to (Quickly) Obtain Grinder (Level up everything to level 8.) -

In order to get this quest, as quickly as possible, I would recommend doing the following.

When you first start the game stay in the initial questing area (the forest and the area right beneath it) and level your attack, magic, and defense all to level 1.

After getting everything to level 1, one upgrade for each item, head to the right, into the desert area, and go onto the bridge. Kill the first four enemies closest to you (A "jumpy slime" for 3 exp, A "big smile jumping cat" for 6 exp, an "I look just like an angry bird" for 8 exp, and a "spider" for 10 exp. [27 exp total]) and then leave the bridge by going right (going back the same place you entered). Now go back onto the bridge again. The same four enemies should be back. Kill them again and get your experience again. Repeat this process until everything is level 3 or 4. (If you like you can repeat this process until everything is level to level 8 and you obtain the quest.)

After getting everything to level 3 or 4, fight the first boss, Furball, and defeat him. The go to the second boss, Dragon, and fight and defeat him. Next enter the dungeon/castle maze, located to the left of the initial starting area. You can now grind the rest of the levels in the maze. This enemies give the most experience in the game, aside from the bosses.

If you wish, you can also gain experience by breaking orbs in the final boss fight. I do not recommend this method, because I do not think it is very effective, but I have yet to test it's effectiveness. To do this method, you enter the final boss fight and destroy all three of the orbs. Hitting the orb once will net you 5 experience points. You should get 67 experience points for destroying all three orbs with a level 4 sword. You might gain less experience points with a higher level sword because you are hitting the orbs less times total. The orbs are located to your left, right, and up the stairs in the center of the final boss fight area. After you break all three orbs, let your character get killed. You will respawn right outside the final boss area. Enter the final boss area again and repeat this process until everything is level 8. (I still think this is slower than fighting enemies in the dungeon or fighting enemies on the bridge.)

[Note: I personally leveled all three items, armor, magic, and sword, to level 8, by only staying in the initial questing area (the forest and town-like area). It took me roughly 3 hours and was a waste of my time.]

- How to Obtain Demon Slayer (Defeat the Demon beast.) -

The final boss is not too difficult. In order to make the experience easy I recommend getting everything up to level 8. If you are playing the game and trying to get the Speed Runner quest (Beat game without getting the axe and without getting any spells) I recommend this strategy.

Get everything to level 8 (you can completely avoid leveling your magic if you are going for the Speed Runner quest as you will have no spells to use your magic for). When you go to fight the boss, break the two orbs on the bottom first (located to the left and right in final boss area), then break the orb on the top of the stairs/mountain (in the center of the boss area). The boss will move left and right and continuously shoot fireballs at you from above. You can either dodge the fireballs, or allow yourself to get hit a few times, just try to break the orbs quickly if you are not going to try and dodge the fireballs. You must break all three orbs first before the boss will take any damage from you.

After all three orbs are broken the boss will break from his left to right pattern. and start moving in a diamond shape. If you are not already on the top of the stairs.mountain then do so (while dodging the fireballs). Now, stand at the top of the stairs/mountain and only hit the boss when he flies close enough. Do not bother trying to jump off the mountain to hit the boss while you are falling. Do not bother to hit the boss while you are on the stares or at the bottom of the screen. (If you have the skills to hit him like this you can, it might the boss fight quicker but it is rather difficulty to hit the boss like this and you will most likely fail a lot). When the boss flies close enough to you, you can hit him. He is a little tricky to hit as you must hit the eyeball part of the boss (or very near near the eyeball). I have noticed that hitting the side of the boss's face does not count as a hit. Stay at the top of the mountain and only strike the boss when you notice that his flight path will come near by. Sometimes jumping can help you hit the boss extra, just be careful not to jump off the platform or into a fireball.

Lastly, the bosses fireballs should be easy to dodge when on top of the stairs/mountain. Most of the time the boss will be underneath you meaning none of his fireballs will hit at those moments. When the boss is above you and he shoots a fireball, you can simply dodge it by moving left or right.

Once the boss losses all of his health he will turn into an eyeball. The boss is harmless in this mode. Simply hit the eyeball until it is defeated and you will have beaten the boss and the game.

If you are not going for the Speed Runner quest I recommend the exact same strategy as above; however, you make sure to level everything to level 8, including your magic. Also, you should use the shield spell as soon as you the boss battle begins. The shield should last the entire battle. If the shield can run out and if it does run out, recast the shield spell (if you have enough mana). Also, if your health gets low use the heal spell.

- How to obtain Furball Slayer (Defeat the Canyon beast.)

This is the first boss, Furball, is located in the desert area to the right of where you first start the game. This boss is really easy if you get your equipment to a decent level before battling him. I would say get everything to at least level 3 before battling him.

To beat him simply jump up the platforms, when the boss is not throwing exploding fur balls at them, and reach the platform with Furball on it. Once you get to that platform hit Furball as fast as you can. If your sword is level 8 it only takes two hits to beat him, so a decent sword level should not take many swings before the boss is defeated.

You probably don't have to worry about dodging the fur balls if you have your armor at a decent level. The fur balls won't do enough damage to be a threat and you can use the brief period of invincibility after a hit to jump up the platforms to Furball. This is one easy boss to defeat.

- How to obtain Dragon Slayer (Defeat the Island beast.) -

This is the second boss located on the island (across the water by the dock), directly north of the initial starting location. I recommend having all three items at least level 4 for this boss. The easiest way to beat him is to stand close to him when he appears and repeatedly jump and attack. Hit that attack button as fast as you can. When the dragon switches sides you do to. Stand close to him again and repeatedly jump and attack. If you need to, avoid his attacks.

- How to obtain Speed Runner (Beat game without getting the axe and without getting any spells.)

To obtain this quest simply avoid the areas that give you spells. I give the locations of all the spell in the section for the - How to obtain: Chibi Mage section of this post. If you accidentally enter one of the buildings with an NPC (Non-PLayer Character) that hands out a spell, don't panic. Just turn around and walk out the same way you came (this should be your left.)

(And you didn't think a game this simple would have a guide for it. Thanks for reading my guide. : ] )

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Oh there is a level nine just it costs 9999 exp or execution points

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