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Yesterday I just discovered Armor Wars and I started thinking to myself how many trading card style flash games are on ArmorGames.
So I was hoping we could make this topic a list with all the available trading card style flash games here on ArmorGames.
So far I know of:
1) Kingdoms CCG
Probably the best on this site Provides both a challenging single and multiplayer experience. The artwork is on par with commercial releases.
2) Card Monsters
Combines a pretty interesting combat system with a cartoonish cute/funny art style
3) Mytheria
A fun post-apocalyptic tcg. While the lack of artwork and multiplayer are big letdowns, I found the singleplayer experience more then enough to spend hours on this game.
4) Armor Wars
The same as Mytheria only that now it has multiplayer and is set in a standardish fantasy setting. For some reasons (lack of any freakin music during combat, lack of factions) I found less enjoyable then Mytheria.
5) Monster Master
A very old and decent attempt at making a flash trading card game. THe artwork is crappy and there isn't much in the way of complexity, but the game can still be an enjoyable experience for a couple of hours.

It would be great if you guys can add the ones that I've missed and provide a short description, so as to make this a definitive list.

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