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Welcome to Citadel! In this game, players will build pointless city-states, name them and then build in them! What's the twist, you ask? Well, it's in space!
A little backstory:
Auric had a planet. A planet that could hold life. Two planets, in fact. Both of which could be new homes for humanity. And a wormhole! Only two months until a once-in-a-century wormhole opening would allow people to go forth and colonise the system!
The day came. The ships went through. The cosmic event ended. About five years later, on system entry, the crews were unfrozen. And... nothing. One huge ball of slag where two planets should be, burning hot and spiralling into the sun. In a few weeks, the remains of Auric 3 and 4 would tumble into the local star.
They were trapped.
Here's the deal: you fill out this sheet:
Leader Name:
Leader Bio (optional):
State Name:
Origin of Colony Ship:
Then I will give you a location. If you want a particular location, ask me.
Then your city sheet will look like this:
[State Name]
Leader: [Leader Name]
Property (city): City Centre
Property (space): none
Property (planetary): none
Fleet (military): none
Fleet (civilian): Scouter (5), Miner (3), Clipper (1)
Titanium: 500
Heavy metals: 500
Uranium: 250
Alloys: 250
Water: 500
Food: 500
Synthetics: 250
Waste: 0
Citizens: 200
Soldiers: 0
City founded

Every 10 citizens cost you one food and one water. I'll explain buildings as we go. Good luck!

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