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You find yourself in a white room.
A door-thingy on the other side. You wear a [pick a color] and [another color] Tights overall which dont keep any space for imagination. And there is this tiny Cubic thing, size of an apple, flying a bit away from each one of you. And there are the other peoples.

To join, post your name, the color of your overall AND:
Trait. Pick 2 traits. For every "good" trait you pick you have to pick a "bad" trait.

Here a list. Feel free to messege me if you want a trait which is not in the list so ill you use it. (Its the best if you pick traits which you can relate to. This way you will 'know' your limits more easily).

Strong - Good stamina
Weak - Weak body
Smart - Initiator (Enterprise)
Lack of knowledge - Slow thinker
Agile - Brave
Clumsy - Coward

Dragonman345 tried to do something samiliar, but you guys quite ruind it. So please be nice. And if Dragonman345 reading this, ill be glad if you will join me to DM this.

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