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It is May 6th, 2058. For three years now, the world has been plagued by a strange virus that decimated the population. The effects of the virus were terrible. At first, you would be light headed for hours. Second, you would start to get a very hot fever, then at last, your body would start to convulse, until it stopped your heart.
You are one of the survivors of this virus, by careful isolation, you managed to avoid the virus. Now, though, there is no government, no electricity providers, nothing that we relied on. The night is dark, candles and gas lamps are the only source of light. You need to survive your way. But be careful, there is no shortage of bandits.

Character Sheet:
Age: (needs to be reasonable, if you want to play a small child your RP will be quite difficult, but as a middle aged or 18-28 year old player, it will be easiest)
Alignment: Neutral
Job: (your previous job before the virus. Depending on the job you choose, you will receive different gear and different amounts of money)
Money: 0
Gear: (you can only carry so much items. You won't be able to carry a sledge-hammer and some bricks at the same time. Leave this empty for now)
Health: Perfect
Hunger: Full
Thirst: Full

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. If you think I've left something important out please tell me.

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