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I am posting a complaint about Drakensang Online here for the people who run Armor Games. I want to inform you about how they act.

When you start the game, they require that you agree to their terms of use for the game as many games do. However, this game's terms of use provided to me specifically ban playing the game to everyone not in one of the 50 U.S. states. This means no one from a U.S. territory nor from outside the U.S. was allowed to play. I live in Canada and am banned from playing. Additionally, the privacy section was illegal by standards within Canada (and other international standards).

The problem is either that their website is providing the wrong terms of use (a technical issue) or that they are providing incorrect/incomplete terms of use.

I contacted support and they were very clear. They told me that I would have to hire a lawyer and have my lawyer call their company's lawyers in Germany to see anything done. They would not investigate technical issues, they would not investigate the website functionality, they would not email contact, and they refused to allow any opt-out of privacy issues.

I (and apparently everyone in Canada) have been threatened with legal action if I play the game or use their site. Their actions regarding privacy even violate their own Term of use. These actions are very disturbing and way outside normal standards for game companies.

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Sounds like a total disgrace for a gaming company if you ask me. Any company that acts like this deserves to be berried under its own ruins. Threatening gamers is not how you get new players it's how you lose them and have the whole gaming industry step on you.

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