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While the movement/combat controls were kind of nice (point>click>sleep...what's easier than that?), and the aesthetic was okay, those are the only good points I can find about the game.

The game itself is boring, repetitive, and confusing. The tutorial, when it does tell you how to play, often reference HUD items that either don't exist, or are outside of the game entirely. While I applaud not being spoon-fed, I would have appreciated a tutorial that actually, you know, teaches you how to play.

The monetization is over the top and is more than a little &quotay-to-win". Forgetting about the pop-up advertising premium accounts that literally took up almost a third of the screen (I kid you not), those who purchase one have literally every advantage over those who play for free.

While I fully understand that there's no such thing as a free lunch, that someone has to pay for the servers, and there needs to be some incentive to do so, literally punishing players with a 10 minute "repair" timer after dieing, versus 2 for paid players, is draconian at best.

I've heard complaints from others here on AG about being hunted down and blasted to bits by higher-level players, but I didn't last even that long before quitting the game.

My suggestion:

Avoid this like the plague.

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