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I was thinking, every game gets some people asking questions, and nice people help them out, besides checking back every 5 minutes to see if someone answered your question, why can't Armor Games simply add a "reply" feature, and have it give you a little notification! Whether if it's a pop-up or just a symbol in the corner of the screen, it would help either way. For those who don't want to be bothered, the notification feature should let you toggle it on and off. On a side note, PM's (Private message) should be added if possible, along with notifications for them.

I think this feature would help everyone in some way, nearly everyone tends to ask questions in the comments at least once. If you agree with this post some sort of reply to keep it visible to the admins and other members that may want to say something about it. (BUT DO NOT SPAM)

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Its a nice idea, but it probably won't happen with only 1 person maintaining the website at this point.

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