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what the hell the 100 ads we got is not enough?

Wolfius_Ravenheart said: Wtf! It is a site for games! Not for advertising! Ogdred said: Really ..... now even trailers on Armorgames ...they are ruining the site ! Fatness said: What the crap is this ITS NOT A GAME soulsythe11 said: AG is going into a dark place right now. What was once a beacon of great flash games and a breeding ground for great developers is now a sewer of MMO make-money-quick scams and now...blatant advertisement and endorsements... Sidewinder_Fang said: umm, may I please remind the staff here that this is Armor Games... Games... GAMES!!! Its in the name you muppets! dnut said: way to sell out guys. Krangby said: i went to the main site for good quailty flash games not Thor, if i wanted to see the trailer i would've gone to youtbe EngiTheViking said: Why do you bring slop to me? I demand a game about Vikings, not a movie trailer. THIHT said: the is armor GAMES not armor TRAILERS sparetk1 said: Putting MMO on the new games is already annoying enough, now movie trailer??? When can we get more quality mini games?

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