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Hey guys. Now, I know there are probably tons of threads like this, so I'm going to keep this brief. Basically, there was a game I played on this site a while back that was essentially a roguelike type thing where you are on one screen at a time, fighting the enemies you find on that screen before proceeding through a portal to the next screen. You started off weak and had to gather items found throughout the game to make yourself stronger.

There was, to my memory, both melee attacks and magic, and you could increase your jump height and speed stats separately. Of particular note was an item that let you restart the game from the very beginning with all the items you had collected up to that point that was labeled with the caption, "Ever wanted to start over?" or words to that effect. Several of these in one playthrough could very easily break the game.

Now, parts of this game were very obviously heavily inspired by the Binding of Isaac, even having some similar looking enemies (such as flies) and a cartoony style, and as a big BoI I was able to really dig such an homage. But I've since forgotten was the game was called and would very much like to find it again.

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