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Okay guys, this is an experiment.

You are sailing on a nice rental sailboat, but there's a storm, in the rough storm your sailboat is forced to an unknown shadow... You wake up on an unknown island, you must survive.

Character sheet:

Name: (make a name, numbers don't count).
HP: (you lose HP by thirst, hunger and certain wounds) 100/100.
XP: (more strength and HP) 0/5
Strength: (throw more 'ow' into a punch, and take less 'ouch' FROM a punch) 2.
Wood: (earned by collecting branches and chopping trees).
Stone: (earned by collecting stones and mining rock).
Silk: (earned by sheering).
Food: (earned by hunting, gathering and fishing) 15 meat, 15 berries.
Water: (earned by collecting water) 20 water.
Camp: (you have to make your camp from wood).
Partner: (team up with another player and work together) N/A.

Remember guys, this is an experiment, so no hating please.

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