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I've been a long time fan of AG for at least 5 years. I enjoyed this website over any other sites across the world. It doesn't matter if I just got the biggest titles on my console, busy with MMO, piled with work, I would always reserve a portion of my time to AG. I don't usually go to the forum, I just play the games. Recently, I've noticed several intriguing changes. I am not pleased personally, but that is ok. I just want to know am I the only one taking this seriously?

1. Increased amount of MMO.

To be honest, this is a good change. It is always good to have more options. However, one should realize that MMO should not taking away spaces for regular games. I can't stand the fact a random MMO pop out of no where taking the space reserved for flash games in front page. Heck, MMO is taking over the "new game" section, displayed as default in categories. MMO is not a game that you play as much as you want, most people only have time for one. It is the flash games that deserve to be displayed as priority.

2. Increased amount of advertising.

Ads are not evil. They are there to award devs with money, who made such amount of quality games. However, they now display in every games. How about only display them while loading? How about add a skip button? How about limiting them under 10 seconds? I know Youtube have done a good job with ads, so can AG.

3. Decreased game quality.

One year ago, I can find a great game every week. Gemcraft, Kingdom rush, Sonny, those are classic games I never forgets. I am seeing less and less of them, in fact, I can barely see a game rated above 90 these days. I know rating isn't everything, but it does speak something when every games are like that.

4. Decreased game quantity

This is not as significant as the others, but it is noticeable. I wonder what happened. Shouldn't AG update more often with increased publicity and funds from ads? I do not understand this.

Will I stay here? Yes. Will I be content with the changes? Maybe. Would I want this trend to continue? Definitely not!

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