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well theres something i am thinking about this game. First is about the bell in the in the house. Whats the point of ringing the bell? It seems it does nothing in the game. Second is about the Bert poster. At the first time u see it, its just a clown smiling creepily at u. But later u activate the fountain and the wheel supplying the power, when u go back the house, his eyes bleed. And at last the whole poster seems to be gone or turned to its back. The final one is about the plushie tiger, in the room which is on the right of the hidden traveller, u can see a door which need password and turn the handle to open. Inside u can find a needle in a smaller room. On the right u can get a plushie tiger. Theres also a bedroom which seems useless in the game, but u can put the plushie tiger on one of the beds. What does this mean? Or maybe this leads a secret ending?
(anyone can give me the whole content of the note, Im too lazy that I only find 13 & dont wanna play it again :P)

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Yup,there is 1 secret with the plushie.

-> put it on Cody's bed and you gain a little extra at the end

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