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So while skipping along the forum confines and gawking at all the wonderful threads and posts, it struck me that something was off. Well..more of..something was missing, to be exact.

See, there is a key component not present within the site that, if added, would take it to a whole new level of euphoria.

That component, is post numbering.
That's right baby. Post numbering. Numbering our posts, one post at a post.

But, however, though, it isn't the post numbering that will accomplish the heightened levels of euphoria only equal to wearing a fedora, the post numbering is merely a means. See, with post numbering, the users of AG will be granted a wonderful gift.
The gift of dubs.

That's right. With post numbering, we'd be able to check our dubs regularly in order to gaze upon the wonder of mathematical probability and chance, we'd be able to praise the wonder of pure statistical luck and fall in orgasmic wonder while witnessing a successful GET.

So, AG, I implore you..allow post numbering, allow dubs, allow the euphoria.


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Ah. Dubs and trips from doubles and triples. I get it.
.. so what do you call the sixth trip of a thread? A beast? \\m/

But now I also understand stinkyjims stand better, though I don't totally agree. Spam would only increase slightly. However, putting even more information on the profile/post box on the left might tamper its sober, clean interface, not to speak of the confusion the number of post in the thread would cause when placed directly next to the individual post count.

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