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So recently, the planet Kepler-78b was discovered.
A few things about this planet.

-Mass 1.69 -1.86 times that of Earth
-Radius 1.16 - 1.6 times that of Earth
-Density essentially equivalent to that of Earth's
-40 times closer to its star than Mercury is to the Sun.

The most interesting thing about this planet, according to astronomers, is that its existence is quite an anomaly, given that because of the construct of the planet, it shouldn't exist.
""It couldn't have formed in place because you can't form a planet inside a star. It couldn't have formed further out and migrated inward, because it would have migrated all the way into the star. This planet is an enigma," explains Sasselov."

Now, this thread can be about us ogling in awe at this enigma of a planet, but there is more to this!

Discussing with a fellow member of AG, this planet has become an argument for Creationism. The argument entails that because this planet has no logical reasoning for existing within the constraints of evolution, it finds solace in it having logical reasoning within Creationism.

Any thoughts on the matter? (whether it be about the planet itself or the argument)

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