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Since I'm a bit fired up from getting my views on this woman censors elsewhere, I'm making a post of it here.

Celebrated Psychic Sylvia Browne Dies

My views was that she was a fraud, was hardly ever right and was often actually harmful in her predictions.
The Randi Show - Sylvia Browne: Wrong Again

This quote from the JREF pretty well sums up my views. You could just as easily replace JREF with my name and it would be word for word accurate.

"The JREF sends our condolences to Sylvia's family and loved ones. No one celebrates her death, but skeptics do criticize how she lived. Her dismal track record at predictions -- she confidently predicted she would die at 88, not 77, for instance -- would merely be laughable if they did not hurt so many people. Remember Shawn Hornbeck. Or Amanda Berry. The number of people she hurt with her pretend supernatural abilities is nearly as high as the number of her failed predictions. It is sad that it took death to stop Sylvia Browne."

To spark some conversation, what are your thoughts on this woman and in psychics in general?

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