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I would like to dedicate this thread to the pets of the Armorgamers! They don't have to have fur like the title would imply, so if you've got a feathered or naked animal best friend feel free to share!

For almost 2 months now I've had my little buddy, Shepard! I found him at my apt complex under a bush covered in ticks and filled full of worms! No one claimed him or said anything to the local shelter, so now he's mine! He's give or take ~14 weeks old . I'm not sure why he is just yet. I'm too lazy to set up the DNA test stuff online, but He looks like a mix tho⦠which would then make sense of why he ended up abandoned under a bush! Here's the beautiful little devil now! I named him after Mass Effect's main character!

And this charming gentleman is my now 14 year old man back home with my family last Christmas telling everyone to have a Happy HOWLiday!!!

So share with us the little critters that warm your hearts and eat your socks!

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