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So I was wondering about this the other day. Why is it that so many people are being given anti-psychotics and anti-depressants these days? Moreover, why are they being given specifically to teens and young adults? Over the history of the human race, we've never done anything like this. And why is it, if the treatments are legitimate, that so many teens and young adults are depressed or psychotic? What has changed?
Well, a lot has changed in not a lot of time. We now have the internet, television, and social networking. And, yes, cyberbullying is at an all time high. However, I've heard of people who have gone through much, much worse in their lives and they went on to live their lives. Do things affect us psychologically? Of course, but the people I've seen have gotten past it. They came to grips with their situation and lived their lives. So what has changed with the most recent generation? What has made this generation like they are?
I have a theory, and I will put it here, but I would like to know yours as well.
My theory is that the current generation has not had to go through the reality and brutality of life. They escape it using the new technology of computers and computer gaming. I'm not saying that an occasional escape from everyday life is bad, on the contrary, I am all behind that. However, too much of it can cause serious expectational viewpoint problems, which is what we see today. People expect the world to be perfect and always work their way. This is an unrealistic expectation and, thus, the current generation gets depressed that their fantasy world does not come true.
So, the medical realm is handed this problem and the doctors don't go to the source, instead they mask the symptoms. If they are doing this with depression, then what else are they doing it with? What other conditions can be simply fixed, but the doctors just aren't telling you or they just don't know how to fix? After that comes the question of if the doctors really know what they claim to know. And if they don't, then why are we trusting our livelihood with people who don't know what they need to? Will you put someone who hasn't been trained into a F-22 fight jet? No. So why are we putting someone who ACTS like they are trained, but who just mask the symptoms with our livelihood? We shouldn't. So I am challenging the medical realm. I am standing here saying "I don't trust you with my life." If all they are going to do is give me drugs, then I'm not going to go to them. What ever happened to the rule "if a strange person offers you drugs, say no?" It's the same principle. If I want drugs, I'll go to a dealer, ok doc?
Who has similar feelings? Stand up and be counted.

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