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I thought Id make this thread for 2 reasons

1. To tell people about this awesome game
2. To let them know about a great server I play on / run

So first of all I'll explain what rust is, rust is a first person survival game very similar to dayz but there are animals that will kill you aswell as zombies and there is a building mechanic which is really fun and adds longevity to the game which day z lacks imo but you should definitely check it out because it is in early access for £15 and it already is an amazing game and I highly recommend you check it out.

As for the server its a 50 man noob friendly server where you can donate if you wish and in return we will thank you will some basic supplies eg. wood , stone , metal fragments in different quantities depending on how much donate we also will have admins on a lot of the time so if we have any problems we can help sort them out.

The only rules we really have is no killing new players.

If your new to the game then we can help you out and give you a helping hand.

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