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It's the 41st Millenium, and the entire galaxy is in upheaval. Humankind is xenophobic, militaristic. Though in a galaxy full of warmongering aliens, it helps to have those traits. Orks, Eldar, Tyranids, Tau, they all pose threats to humankind and are all warring the Imperium of man, and each other. Even traveling between planets isn't safe, to travel you have to use the warp, which is filled with unimaginable creatures and 4 gods of chaos. People with mutations or who have psychic abilities are especially effected. but anyone can be turned to chaos and become horribly mutated and insane. In this grim dark future, there is only war.

You play someone who, by choice, birth, or by the Imperiums will, are in the Imperial Guard, the main standing army of the Imperium. Who defend the citizens from Xeno and chaos alike. Sent to the World Ament Prime, a large Agricultural world. Reports are that a very large ork WAAAAGH! (orkish warband) is heading straight for the world. You serve in the 341st Reconstituted regiment, who are made from the survivors of other regiments considered to be wiped out. Heading towards the planet as it serves a vital role for the sector, feeding it. Aboard the Imperial Navy ship "The Strictest Doctrine" You are near the planet, it seems peaceful, and prosperous. Though it won't last long.
Ament Prime:
worldgen.cgi?palette=Atlas&iter=5000&cmdct_ice=20&height=400&seed=1388890613&rotate=274&amprojection=Square&ampct_water=50&motif=SciFi" alt="" />

Ogryn: Large and very simple minded, and fiercely loyal, believing every order comes from the emperor of mankind himself.
Ratling: Short, quiet, and rather promiscuous. These diminutive people make the best snipers and scouts, and half decent troopers.
Beastmen: People who don't look unlike the mythological Minotaur, despite the Imperium's heavy disapproval of mutants, these lesser mutated people are allowed to serve in the Imperial Guard
Humans: Standard Run of the mill human, comes from any and all backgrounds, from feral worlds that seek out to kill anything living on them, to feudal worlds, that seem like the bygone era of knights and lords during Holy Terra's history. To super advanced Hive Worlds, which contain cities stacked on top of cities, and sometimes stacked on top of more cities.

Trooper: Standard trooper, armed with a lasgun and flak armor

Sharpshooter: Long range killers, usually cold and emotionless as they watch man and xeno alike die from their rifle.

Fire Support: Carrying a large wheel mounted heavy bolter, they may need to set up, but once they are, they can mow down all but the heaviest infantry (can't be Ratling)

Anti-Tank:Carrying a shoulder mounted missile launcher, and a backpack with a variety of missiles, they can take a variety of roles, but are usually anti-vehicle (Can't be Ratling).

Rough Rider: On a fast bike, with a laspistol and an explosive Hunting Lance they can scout, and ride through lines blasting away at the enemy. (Human Only)

Grenadier: Armed similar to a storm trooper, but they operate with a regular regiment, but are none the less equally trained in assaulted fortified enemy positions, and leading attacks.

Tank Commander: The commander of a standard Leman Russ tank, these multi role tanks smash through enemy infantry and armor alike. (can't be Ogryn)

Gender: (Females can be in the Imperial Guard)
Physical Description:

If you have any questions about races, equipment, classes, etc. feel free to ask.

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