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Dear admins,

I would like to point out that the new pal from Halloween event is way, but WAY, too overpowered.

Most of us did not get the chance to get it and keep hoping that someday the event will be reopened, main reason why players keep the shards to summon Lillith in the first place.

It's been quite a while since the event and still nothing better.

People with lillith now rule the arena, event, championships etc.

I request a nerfed Lillith or at least another chance of getting this new pal.
Most people would probably agree that Lillith is simply too powerful to be kept, I see people with 2k less combat power win simply because of this pal special attack.

Thank you.

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AG only host this game.
If you have any thoughts/issues/whatever on the game address it to the game-devs/studio.
Because they have their own website they didnt check AGs forums, so go to their website and post your thoughts there.

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