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Well, here we are again! I hope I'll draw the attention of the more mature part of this time, not because younger ones can't join, but I'll only put the serious poems into the actual collection. You are free to post any story, poem or anything else if you want to, then I'll judge it along with StraightJaketMan (Whom I just elected to my second-in-command regarding this). I look forward to many poems, and remember, none are bad.

Life, Death, how far will it go?
Doom, Destruction, how long must it stay?
Armegeddon, Elimination, why does it flow?
Hell, Heaven, this is the way.
This is life.

Well, I made that to symbolize chaos in the act of living, without using the actual word.
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Hey this should be in the Writing forum

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Yeah, It should be in the Writing Forum, but anyway, here are two of my poems which can also be found here

A Broken Dream
By KingRyan (a.k.a Ryan H)

Dreams are things that are special.
True only to youself.
You aim for them and hope
That they may be true one day.

But sometimes no matter how hard you try,
these dreams end up with you sad.
Thrown at the ground and broken.
Into a thousand pieces like a smashed bottle.

Our lives feeling like a ruler.
Snapped in half down the middle.
Broken fragments flying out-
and hitting other people.

But luckily we cant stay this way,
Forever and a day.
We sometimes need to just let go.
Of our dreams that began long ago.

But letting go isn't that simple.
As our lives twist and turn.
The hurt is pushed into the back of our mind.
Where it becomes lost and forgotten.

Until one day when we rediscover it.
And it hits us like a car.
It knocks us senseless.
And brings back all of the hurt.

and then theres my Love Poem!

A Love Poem
by KingRyan a.k.a Ryan H

She stood there in the morning sun,
her face blemish free.
Her hair moved gently in the breeze,
like calm ocean waves.

Her beauty shon out of her
Like the rays from the sun.
The roses held in my hand were ugly
Surpassed by her beauty.

She spoke my name,
yet I could not respond.
Fully entrapped by her loveliness
I could not move.

She walk towards me and help me,
in a deep embrace.
I felt the warmth of her body
Pressed close against mine.

And then she left, and walked away.
My heart still a buzz.
The roses still in my hand.
And my heart long gone.

Are they serious enough?

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Serious enough.
And no, I am not going to move this to the writing forum. It started in the Tavern, it ends in the Tavern... I just hope I'll get enough poems this time. Would you mind to somehow spread the message?

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Forgot the poem. Gotta post two now, one for this and one for the previous.

An unending line,
A continual strife,
A broken spine,
The end of life.

Don't blame yourself.
Blame only me,
The book in the back of the shelf,
Who you'll never see.

Explanation for the second poem:
It's meant to symbolize me, actually. It's a long story, but anyway, I'm not to blame whatever action took place.
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Working online feedin a dog,
Chopping wood down into straight logs,
When a noob comes up and asks me to help him,
Before I saw him come up I was sure to make my level dim,
I clothed him I bathed him,
I even gave him someof my gold,
This attracted more noobs while I lold,
All of beds were fuller than full,
They even became friends with the angry bull,
As I was getting ready putting on all my armor,
One little noob came up and asked how I became such a charmer,
"One little secret, go back to bed" I said,
But soon on my fireplace I would have his head,
As I announced "Don't worry you all are fed",
I then shrieked "Now die you noobs, your all dead!"

Haha, I just thought of this for an online game.

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I worked and worked and worked but nothing I get.
I tried and tried but my wallet is empty.
I ran and ran but nowere I get.
I went to the top and fell down. I tried and tried.

Im bringing this old topic up for you Dott. : )
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hey, these are all pretty nice poems.

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Thank yohu Thaggard! Please make some too! =)

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Gonna end in the Tavern eh? Looks like it got moved here to the Writing Forum anyway the poems here are very nice

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