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early game(Alcatraz-SF, lvl 1+): If your reading this you probably have already finished, or at least started, on the Alcatraz map so I wont go into details on how to spend the first few minutes of the game.
Here is a list of very important things that you need to activate as soon as possible: 1) go to combat -> leaderboards-> assault pts *activate assault tracker* 2) go to combat -> leaderboards-> victory pts-> *activate victory pt tracker* 3) go to profile -> public profile -> *activate max assault tracker* 4) go to world map -> achievements -> check assault and combat achievements to ensure that the trackers are active (if not activated yet from your combat tab then click the button here to activate). These trackers are used for achievements which give electrum (premium currency) and scores for the weekly competitions which also can give electrum.
Now that the trackers are activated let us move onto strategies for advancing in the early game. The key to leveling up quickly and advancing fast in the early game is getting as many troops as possible as fast as possible and proper management of cash. The quickest way to get allies is to join every co-op assault you can, click the names of everyone in the assaults and send ally requests to them all. You can also go to the brotherhood lists and click the names of everyone in all the brotherhoods to send alliance requests. You will get the fastest response from people in assaults though because they are often still online and many brotherhoods are full of inactive ppl who will never respond. The cash management is much trickier, you have to balance the budget between equipping your army and upgrading your own equipment. I found that a good balance is about 50/50, half your money buys guns for your army and half your money goes to upgrading your own equipment. Start out by buying your army msg 303-x and the double slugger, each sold for 125 cash at the Alcatraz blackmarket. These guns have very good base damage, the stat that effects the damage your army does, and can be used to great effect until the late game when you can upgrade your army to the weapons from paris. Donât bother buying your army any equipment besides weapons until much later in the game. In early game generating cash can be hard, but if you -always spend all your energy on coop assaults prior to leveling up and do the daily mission in Alcatraz each day â" you should be able to keep up with your expenses. As your army grows it will become a larger and larger source of income until you have a 100+ troops equipped with cheap guns and money will no longer be a problem for you. Keep in mind as you level up you will need to train your army to improve their damage output, every 20 levels be ready to go back to the training tab again. As you go through the game save all electrum you get for buying crates in paris or buying allies (either way wait until the end game before spending).
Mid game(Tokyo-paris, lvl 20+):
Fyi, dont bother with doing the dialy mission in alcatraz during mid game unless you need the cash and have a small army still or are fast enough to win electrum. Mid game requires proper energy management and a lot of patience with getting âstuckâ, but if you follow the guide you will quickly get around these sticking points and be on your way to the joys of being stuck at the late game. Energy management is simple, always spend all your energy on assaults before you level up (best to wait until you are one fight away from leveling up so that you donât get stuck on a part of the map you need energy to get by). If you get to a enemy that you can not beat then go back to previous missions and upgrade the difficulty and redo the old missions for additional xp and cash. Once you have gotten as far as you can in all the missions available to you at all difficulties if you are still stuck then it is time to modify your gear (assuming you have already upgraded it to the best gear available to you). Modifying gear is tricky business, you need to be careful not to waste to many of your mods or it will slow you down later in the game. For modding strategies see the modding subsection of the guide. The only way you will be able to keep up with the mods you need will to join a hood for quick assaults or arrange some other sort of âpatronage systemâ
-The patronage system: At levels 20-39 you will be able to open up tier 2 assaults, tier 2 assaults are a very valuable commodity to yourself and higher level players. A high level can kill a tier 2 assault in a single beserk hit, where as higher tiers take much more to kill. At low levels your priority for all assaults should be getting the components for making adamantine mods from agent x and Cyclops Alcatraz assaults. At lvl 20 you only need to do 2,800 damage to get 3 loots from each assault, doing any more damage is a waste but since you can only join one of each kind of assault at each tier this can be a problem. By having a high level patron (or many patrons) that will 1 hit kill your tier 2 assaults for you, you can open up assault after assault doing 2,800 damage in each one and having it finished for you so you can open up more until you are out of energy. This can be a drain on cash, but around now you should be to the point where your army is fully equipped with guns and your gear is the best you can get from your current map with plenty of cash left over. If cash is tight then try and join a patronage system where you can get hits in on another low levels tier 2 assaults before they get 1 hit killed, usually the assumption is you will provide tier 2s later after your money problems are over. The advantage of this arrangement for you is that you will be getting a lot of mod components (with out wasting ene on doing damage over 2,800) that are necessary for upgrading your gear so you can get past the harder opponents on each map. The advantage for the high level doing the 1 hit kills is they are getting mod components that they need for upgrading the end game gear and they are getting kills for the kill achievements give electrum. If you are in a brotherhood together (the easiest way to share tier 2s with high levels) this will also greatly add to the assault kill score of the brother hood, benefiting every one in the hood. Donât worry about getting assault kills yourself until you reach the point where you are doing 56,000+ berserk damage. Once you do 56k you can 1 hit kill tier 2s and get 3 loots from them, and then you will want to be the âpatronâ in a patronage system. As a high level patron you can only join tier 2s until you reach lvl 101, so if you want to get assault kill achievements make sure you do it before then.
So by the patronage system or slower means you get the mods you need and have gotten past the tougher mobs. If you modded and are still stuck then spend 5 electrum on a large medkit to get past where ever you are stuck, large medkits add 120 health to your current amount and can go over your maximum health (they also stack) so any mob is beatable with enough medkits. With the right mods the game is a breeze (until you get to eligor) so there is not much else to say about mid game.
End game (paris-???, lvl 65+):
Lets pick up here with eligor (the paris end boss). This guy is pretty tough but since (as of the writing of this guide) moon shadow is not open there is no reason to hurry on beating eligor. Eventually you will beat him by leveling up or improving your gear. There is only so far you can progress in end game, and you will need modify special sets of gear with non adamantine stuff for beating certain mobs (see modding sub section). The big thing to figure out end game is how to spend your electrum. You can either spend it on gear (buying crates in paris) or spend it on allies. The problem with spending electrum on gear is eventually a new map will come out and much of what you spent electrum on will likely be available for cash. That said, I still am in favor of spending some electrum on boxes. The first few boxes you get you will most likely get stuff you will use from all of them. After you buy a few boxes it becomes increasingly likely that you will get duplicates or redundantly similar items to what you already have. Also buying allies is not going to add much damage until after you have finished upgrading all the ones you have. You may want to focus entirely on spending all your electrum on one or the other, but I enjoy spending some on both, it really comes down to personal preference in how you spend your energy in the end game.
Now after you have gotten as far as you can in the mission maps with fully upgraded end game gear you will only be able to get xp by spending energy on assaults, pvp or daily missions. PVP xp depends on the level of your opponent and the level difference between you, so at high levels if you fight a player who is even higher level then you you can get 3 xp per ene spent (vs the 1-2 xp at lower levels). The Alcatraz daily mission is your next best source of XP, giving between 1.8-2 xp per ene spent (the xp given and energy cost of each battle changes as you level up) so the daily mission is worth doing even if you are not fast enough to win electrum. The least xp rewarding way to spend energy is on assaults, so I suggest doing high level pvp and daily mission first and then spending the remainder of your energy on assaults. Although if you want to get assault kill achievements before lvl 101 then assaults may be your first (and only) priority (see patronage system sub section).

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