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Here's the root of the problem: most flash games are created with the idea of a fixed frame size, like 800x600 pixels inside your browser window. That's quite okay until you start using a monitor with resolution higher than FullHD when pixels per inch (PPI) value goes up.

I have a 27" monitor with a resolution of 2560x1440 (Dell U2711) and quite frankly, it sucks when the game takes up around 10% of the screen size
Most game elements become tiny, providing repulsive user experience as instead of enjoying the game you go head-to-head with pixel hunting.

But that's up to the game's development, sure I understand you've got (almost) no control over it being a gaming site. And there's a simple way to mitigate this problem: Flash Resizer browser add-on, which allows to enlarge the frame to whatever actual size I like.
(around 70% of screen size is quite comfortable).

But now notice how badly placed the 'next game' button becomes. Not only it obstructs a part of the game itself, it is also a link, which if pressed accidentally will force to load another game and lose any progress you had while playing.

So my suggestion is to add an option to hide those 'next' and 'rev' buttons which now could be game-stoppers.

No doubt that the problem of higher monitor resolutions for flash games as a whole is much complex than 'hide a few buttons', not to mention that 4K-resolution models are on the way. But the 'next game' button already did ruin my game sessions several times, that's why I'm creating this topic.

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