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If you cannot complete the secret achievements of Strike force Heroes You have come to the right place.I explain these secret achievements to you.
Human Plug

In the Caverns map, stand on the hole with water spurting out of it for approximately 10 seconds.
It unlocks the Sky9 mod, which exaggerates physics.

In the Foundry map, activate a killstreak (other than Kevlar Vest, Smoke Bomb, and Bouncing Betty (It's also possible with Surge and Rapid Regen, but harder), and get killed by the lava flowing out of the bucket at the top of the map during the killstreak. You must be killed by the FALLING lava, not the lava at the bottom of the map.
It unlocks the Party Time mod, which makes everyone spawn with different weapons.

In the Village map, crouch in the dirty water below the sign until you die.
It unlocks the Bottomless Clips mod, which gives your guns infinite ammo.

In the 5th Campaign level, Siege Under, (which takes place in the Facility map) go to the darkness to the right of where you first spawn and crawl into it, and move right. You should drop into a room with a corpse. When you do, walk by it.
However, you'll have to restart the level to continue.
It unlocks Tin Man mod. In this mode, all players will break apart when killed.
So,here is my guide for the secret achievements for Strike Force Heroes,I hope it will help you,Questions and feedback are welcomed!

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