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Okay, this is a very tricky game if you first played it. If I duplicated this thread, feel free to report a mod or lock this thread.

First he will ask you a question,

Like, hello? Is anybody there?

Say something random.

Then the computer will say, I am sure you have many questions.Do you know this place?

You can say "yes" or "no". I usually choose no.

Then say, turn on the lights.

The computer will give you a hard time saying " turn on the lights? why do you want me to turn on the lights? "

Say: Just turn it on.

Then, say, "why does the box say astro food?"

The computer will say, " oh, really? "

THEN, say: " why does that say esc pod? "

Then the computer will tell the truth.

Say something random.

After that, the computer will say you have 2 options. You can pick either.

Try to figure that out yourself =)

The computer will say " Are you sure you want say?" Or, "are you sure you want to go?"

Say yes to either. Then you will get an ending. The end.

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