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I am looking for an artist who would be willing to help me do some work with comics. I would like to make something engaging and interesting that I feel will spark interest in readers as well. Although my writing skill is somewhat reasonable I draw like a bored 9 year old.
If any one is interested in creating a comic but needs substance in writing and character development I have three characters that I wish to see the light of day.
Bear: A Native American gifted with exceptional physical ability and emense stature. Bear's biological father died when he was eight years old. Bear suffered physical abuse at the hands of his step father. Along with the abuse he suffered from his step father he was bullied by other children for his weight (Bear was an obese child) he mostly kept to himself and most of his childhood was spent reading and exploring the outdoors. Eventualy Bear learned he was gifted physically when he started playing junior varsity football. Starting out in seventh grade he started off bench pressing 195 pounds and he was able to tackle almost everyone on the JV team and all but two on the varsity team. Even when he became the star player for his team he still hadn't earned the respect of his peers and even though he could have easily bested anyone he calmly dealt with the torment.One night after Bear was kicked off his team for throwing another player (yes literaly throwing another player.)He returned home to find his mother crying and beaten and his stepfather drunk yelling at the television. This sight was all he could stand. Bear threatened him into submission and "convinced" him to leave. Bear made the decision to never allow children to be abused again and eventually began to move against larger criminal acts.

Sub-Sonic: Sub-Sonic is a Russian and former cold war Icon. In a universe with contraversy over super humans rather than a space race or an arms race there was a super human race. After years of research and study Russia finally acheived it's goal.Nikolia Kiarlof was discovered to have somewhat strange abilities as a child and so he was used as a basis for research and testing. As a result Nikolia was robbed of his childhood. Through lack of testing and questionable practice he was granted immense power based off of his natural gifts. Russia was now able to flount their "Hero" saying he can destroy tanks with the flick of his wrist, a fist stronger than steal. After years of being a national hero and an icon when the U.S.A and Russia became allies Nikolia was left with nothing and his life in shambles. However his exceptional abilities have led to him being asked to join an orginization known as the Guardian's association (Something like justice league or avengers).

Red Dragon: Red Dragon is actually a villian. A brutal crimelord with a taste for blood. He runs a gang called the Zodiac and pretty much has a basic criminal past with the exception of learning from two very talented sword masters. One master taught the way of peace and the other taught the way of destruction. Through an unfortunante turn of events Dragon was forced to decide. Do I obey the teachings of my true master, or do I use my talents to care for family. Sometimes we have to do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Red Dragon started out as a punk kid trying to take care of his brother and mother now he's a hardened criminal chopping people's heads off to send a message.
If anyone would like to bring these characters to life please contact me whenever possible.

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