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Daylight has that feeling that you have in every horror game thats good and this one is good so lets dive into Daylight

1.Gameplay. This will poop your pants (except for me) as the will scare the s*%t out of you. The scares are perfect as you know with its soundtrack you know its going to happen but dont know when the AI holds up and will chase you if you dont think. The way to cross from stage to stage is clever but is'int executed well, but it still holds up pretty holds up to 6-7 hours so the price of this game is worth it if your not a speed runner which will last up to 3 hours. and damm in my MGS Ground Zeros review guys completed that in 6... minutes (ok i am talking about this not that) so yeah good.

2 Graphics. For the price it holds up good the lighting effects so if you see your shadow and think there is a guy behind you so you piss your pants.
The problem here is well one thing looks good then the other looks really bad.... really really bad.

3.Scares:.... if your ding dong had a float every time you got scared your pants would be ripped, lets just say that.

4. Soundtrack. This games music will suck you into something you will never forget it...NEVER its atmosphere will help. When there is no music it will haunt you for the rest of your life! (not really)

5. Sum up. 8/10 this is a good game by far a great game you never want to leave the room while playing. play this in the dark.. alone... with your ferret by your hand and then get pushed back by you getting the crap scared out of you. Buy this if you like horror games i mean it starts in an 'Condemned' building (future review hint or cant figure it out here you go you twat) so yeah buy it!

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