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Warning: this game is complicated, a lot to read, and a lot to understand. Player discretion is advised. (So if you are into these games or like the way i GM join by all means, otherwise it may not be for you).

In 1326, you have claimed a piece of your own land in Rome. You broke away from modern life and are beginning to grow your own economy, your own city, your own people, your own rules. you have the means and the starting money to be growing this, from the ground up, starting with something as simple as 10 people like you, ambitious to grow their own civilization. Everything is as you say it is, now.

Character Sheet:

Name: (pick)
Civilization Name: (pick)
Towns: 1 (this will stay 1 for quite some time)
Gold: 100 (this is the basis for this game, the everything, the currency)
Taxes: 20 (the money generated from taxing the people daily)
Expenses: 10 (the money your paying daily to upkeep the civilization)
Revenue: 10 (the balance you get in the end)
Insert name here: (put the name of your 1st town, your capitol, in there)
City hall (lvl 1, stores 100 resources)
10 townhouses (low class, 2 gold daily tax, 1 gold daily upkeep, occupant max 2 each, lvl 1)
10 occupants (uneducated, unemployed, but happy)
Wood: 0
Iron: 0
Steel: 0
Food: 20 (1 unit of food is consumed per day for every person)
Other: (there are other resources, however they wont be present to begin the game)
Woodworking (1 day, allows wood production and relative)
Ironworking (3 days, allows iron production and relative, unlocks militia)
Building I (1 day, allows building of all general buildings)
Alphabet (1 days, allows productions and storage)
Farming (1 day, allows food production)

It is a rather lengthy sheet, but everything will be clarified below.

Once you pick your civilization name, pick your capitol town's name. that is all you will fill out. Expenses, revenue, and taxes are a basic concept that i wont take time going over, but you should know that this game will run real time, with 1 day in real life being 1 day in the game. that will be something to remember.

Under "towns" will be in-depth details of every building and human in your towns. you start out with only one, but it grows. dont touch that, unless you specifically know something is wrong with it. and if you do, tell me.

Resources are everything in this game, controlling things from what you can build to how much food you have, a very critical resource. the consumption rating is 1 food per person per day, so keep that always in mind. you start out with some, and you will produce it soon enough.

The amount of people it takes to build something varies by object, but it is based off of how people are construction workers assigned to it. their is strict labor division in this game. you can assign people whatever job you want them to have, inside the technologies you have available and things you need. I will guide you through that when we cross the bridge.

Everything you do in this game is limited to the technologies you have available. without building, you cannot be building, ect. You can always be researching as long as you have 1 assigned researcher, but you can only research 1 thing at a time.

Your military might will eventually grow, so you can fend off barbarians or fellow players. for now, it is not existent.

In this game, weather is determined by dice, and natural disasters will occur. while not probable, if they are triggered, the severeness of them can vary. in summer, you may have a drought lasting 1 day or 1 week.

Winning Conditions:
There are non. in this game, you will continue to expand your empire until you lose.
Loosing Conditions:
The most probable way you will fall through the grate of life is getting destroyed. Whether it be the Roman senate coming for your empire after preaching against Catholicism or barbarians coming to settle something, or fellow player, it can happen. once in war, you can get out of it, but if you dont, you will either win with the spoils or die with your empire.
You will be, in this game, susceptible to all natural disasters from hurricanes, drought, tornadoes, deep freezing, earthquake, tsunami, the occasional nuclear fallout, or severe thunderstorm. even if these occur, its very probable they wont destroy you, but it is possible.
If your people are so tired of your rule that they attempt to rise against you and overthrow you, you will have some options, but not many. We will cross that bridge further if it happens. If your people do get this angry, you will know before they revolt.

What you do in this game is very optional, but not really in the beginning. it will get better, trust me, but it will start out pretty slow. we start this with the 1st poster. lots of interesting events will keep this game on its toes, and i plan on making it harder and harder.

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