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3 2022
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Why... oh why is this a thing now, we have Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition,
The Last of Us: Remastered Edition (as much i think The Last of Us is amazing) and now this... As much as i like this series... THIS A CASH GRAB! all of this maybe not The Last of Us but a CASH GRAB! Look we know that Borderlands The pre-sequel will be ported to next-gen by Gearbox .So as much as i like these games... if they have like a give your old-gen game to the retailer and get the new one for like ã5 or $5 or what ever if they do that, then yeah, i'll do it to see if it is really worth and these games should include all their DLC with it for no extra cost. But i hope this dies out or November will be HD Editions but we don't need these games like Metro: Redux but at least the games don't cost full price that's one good thing but the rest... full price.

OK people, tell me what you about these this and why it just... FAIL'S!

Have a nice day.

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I see why and i agree with this since i own all of these games so why should i buy them again. at least they're full games *cough* metal gear soild 5 *cough*

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Anything with "edition" in the name, OP is correct, is a cash grab.
Sometimes, the X edition will offer 1 maybe 2 new pieces of content.

Seeing a Platinum, Gold, or whatever edition is mainly eye-candy that speaks to the public, "look at me! I'm popular, sold a lot, so I must be good, try me out!"

I can't really blame any company for doing this. A lot of people buy the plug. Sometimes they purchase the game twice just because. But, well I guess, it's their money they can do what they want with it. =\\

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The Metro: Redux Edition personally is worth the 40USD, even if you have purchased the game previously.
First of all, the Redux Edition does more than what other remakes of games do. It is more than a simple port to current gen, it adds significant changes and features that coincides with the excellent quality 4A Games are known for.
The Redux Edition of course, improves the graphics, the visuals and the atmosphere. With the technological advancements of current gen, 4A Games is able to create their true vision of the world of the Metro: a bleak, dark and horrific world. The developers have completely redone the graphic design for Metro: 2033, porting it to the new and upgraded 4A engine of Metro: Last Light (2013) from the original (2010) version.
Not only are the graphics better, 4A have completely overhauled the gameplay of Metro: 2033, by implementing the gameplay system of Metro: Last Light.
The AI has been redone for the better, making them smarter and making them dynamically react to both your AI companions and your movements e.g. Now in Metro: 2033, when you reload your weapon, enemies become periodically more aggressive.
Along side with that, all the DLC for both games are included, as you have stated.

4A Games have put in the effort into making the Redux Edition unique from other editions. They have strived to change the game dramatically positively, and it isn't a blatant cash grab. Yes, they are after money, but it is justified by creating a fantastic remake of two belovèd first-person-shooters.

The Metro: Redux Edition is completely worth it, if not Metro: Last Light due to fewer changes, then Metro: 2033, as it offers a completely revamped experience only found in the Redux Edition.

Thanks for reading,
Have a nice day

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