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So there i was supposed to play blade hunter there i clicked the Blade hunter in MMO Category but when i clicked it it just appears as a white screen is anyone experiencing it also? If you do please let me know

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I try to reach it and... no problem.

White or black screens could caused by some reasons, you can try a few things:

First of all make sure flash, java and brwoser is up to date.
Sometimes (rarely) a simple loading issue is the problem, refreshing the page could fix it.
Also on the list: try another browser.

Now to the usual suspects:

Did you have an adblocker running? If so deactivate it.
Also "safety internet software" (like netnanny/K9 and similar stuff) could block the games, so if something like that is running deactivate it (if possible^^).
And firewalls could also block games, so only for a very short time, just to test it, deactivate your firewall and see if thats the problem, activate the firewall asap again!

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