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The thread title contains 4 different schools of thought. To avoid having to explain each individually (although you should probably know them anyway), here's a link.

For the thread, I'd like you to discuss the answers to these questions:
-Which school of thought is the most beneficial to humans?
-Which school of thought is the most objective?
-Which school of thought is the most subjective?
-Which school of thought is the most important?
-Which school of thought do people tend to practice most?
-Which school of thought tends to be the most controversial?

And any questions you think are fine, of course. Now, go! Discuss for my enjoyment!

Note: Gestalt, the final school in "The Big 5", was not included because it doesn't compare well to the rest.

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1) None are most beneficial to humans. They all focus on something to the point of excluding valid areas of other ideas.
2) Behaviorism is the most objective. You only look at what is happening.
3) Humanism is the most subjective.
4) For the same reason as number one, none are the most important. The least important one though is probably psychoanalysis, which is a lot of self important bullcrap the majority of the time.
5) Psychoanalysis, go figure.
6) Psychoanalysis, again, go figure.

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You need to use them all in combination in general, although some are more suited to specific scenarios. For example, psychoanalysis is more important for subjects who are less likely to be making conscious decisions.

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1. Those "schools" of psychology literally look at someone's psychology and come out with very different conclusion and theories. So, in my opinion asking which is more important is like asking which human extremities is the most important, so there is nothing more important than others
2. in my opinion, Structuralism is the most objective. you only look at what comprises someone's psychology.
3. In my opinion, Psychoanalysis is the most subjective, as it seems to give a lot more varied answer to the same subject regarding it's psychology.
4. None are more important than others, the question itself would be equivalent to asking which sides of an orange is more beautiful. likewise, none are more "useless" than others, because they literally interact with each other
5. i don't really know which ones people tend to practice the most, as no one had created an undeniable statistic ,but if i had to guess it would be behaviorism.
6. in the link, obviously the most controversial is psychoanalyst, but my gut feeling told me it was Functionalism, so i'm a bit divided on the moment

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