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I got bored and decided to write this. Tell me what you think!

I woke to the sound of birds chirping. Their songs filled my heart with a strange sense of calm as I lifted my body, groaning. My muscles ached and shuddered under my weight as I sat myself up. I ran my fingers through my hair which was matted to my forehead- sticky with something. I drew my hand back and stared at it in shock.
It was then I realized that I was sitting in a pool of blood. Who's, though? I didn't have any visible injuries.
I stood up, surveying the area around me. I was in some kind of ruined house. The stench of fresh smoke and blood intertwined stung my nostrils. Hewed furniture and furnishings were cast around the blood-soaked carpet. Sunlight coursed through holes torn from the walls and the roof, dimly lighting small blots of light across the room. One particular hole in the wall appeared as if someone was thrown against it with fatal force.
I couldnât take the sight anymore. Unable to contain myself, I ran out of the hole in the wall to the outside. The stench of the house became more distinct, and was replaced with the smell of trees and grass. The brisk air that nipped my bare skin and the sight of my breath condensed into vapor gave me a sense of relief. The sense of feel. But it was not enough to overcome the bitter taste in my mouth and the smell of blood covering my body, and I fell to my knees and threw up.
My sight was blurred, my head pounding as if my skull was collapsing and condensing within my head. Where was I? I turned to the small wreck of a house, then back to the dense wilderness that elongated from the house before me. Who am I? I thought. No memories, no thoughts, just emptiness. Aside from the unsuitably peaceful song played by the birds, I felt completely alone. I took a step forward, but I drew my foot back.
More blood.
A body of- some person was laid out before me. His body had been carved and beaten into ambiguity, his face unrecognizable. His clothes and body had been torn asunder, tendons hanging on by mere threads of bone and sinew. There were obvious signs that he had been struggling long before he had been killed. But who did this? WHAT did this?
There were more bodies. Strewn about the ground, all hewn and distorted in the same way. Four of them. Two of them children. The sight was unbearable- and I ran back into the house. Back to safety. Back to familiar.
I stood in the room I had first woke up in. As I scrutinized the debris, I noticed large claw marks across pieces of furniture and the walls.
Claw marks?
I remembered. I took a step back as my mind began to process what had happened. Oh, no, oh God what have I done?!
The memories returned, hitting me like an oncoming train. Those people- that family- this house! I was the one who did this to them!
But how? How could someone like me, a mere man do something like this with my bare hands? And, above all⦠why?
I felt it. I felt the power, coursing through my veins. My head. My soul. The memories of me tearing down the walls of this house, brandishing tooth and claw⦠I wielded great power, felt it stirring beneath my skin. I closed my eyes and smiled as I began to feel, embrace the changes and the song of the birds ceased. I am not a man. I amâ¦
A mermaid.

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Nice story! And nice twist at the end

The stench of the house became more distinct

I think you may have meant 'distant' here?
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It's nice, I think there should have been a bit more shock at seeing the blood at the beginning, but it's good.
Better than anything I can do anyway, I can never describe things well.

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