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The early reports indicate that the suspect, 14 year old Noel Estevez, had been bullied numerous times and to the point where he had attempted suicide. Numerous neighbors also stated that he'd asked them to watch out for the 'big kids' and come help him if they saw anything. The actual incident was apparently a fight, in which the victim, also 14, was stabbed multiple times by Estevez with a kitchen knife. Estevez is being charged as an adult with second degree murder and manslaughter.


Personally, I'm of the opinion that this was a failure of any adult that had insight to the situation, particularly school administrators for not keeping an eye out for bullying, especially after the attempted suicide. I can't say I would blame Estevez for standing up for himself, but since it isn't clear if this particular attack was provoked or a deliberate confrontation or not, and I'm not sure if self-defense applied to previous incidents, I'm not to decided on whether or not he's actually guilty. I'm sure that he shouldn't be charged as an adult though, not as a 14 year old.


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