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Hi guys this is thebeast782 or ghost78207, i just want to say i'm sorry to people who were offended and to the Armor Games site, if you don't know what happened, here's a sum up.

I made a topic in the Video Games topic named : 'oh FPS... oh why i hate you'
And i made a outburst on my hate on new FPS and my love for old ones.
And them a bunch of people started making comments and i responded. in a bad way, bad bad way. i already had a warning for the topic 'Gamer Girls magazine is TERRIBLE!' for saying too much. i think you can guess what i said.

Then i made an edited version, and it was alright.

Back to the FPS thing. i swore a lot... a lot. and.... i got banned.
See, i was working through stress at that time, anyone who knows me can understand that. And usually i am aggressive.

Also, for people think who i am lying, come to my house and see my day. just one.

So i apologize for everything i did and i will try and keep calm for the duration of my time on this site, so i'm not ghost78207 anymore, i am BEAST!!! (782)

Thanks for understanding.

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