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Dreaming, dreaming, Oh wonderful dreaming!
Endless, endless, thoughts are streaming.
Venture into endless "WOE".
Why I do this, I do not know.

I see a man, he has no horse.
I am afraid, but he is not coarse!
He said, "What you will see might not be much.
But we gnomes like to live like such."

"The forest is my home.
Yes, I am a gnome.
My home is quite airy.
There even is a fairy."

"The fairy is my adoptive mother.
She is like no other.
I cannot say the same for my father.
He does not even bother."

"A forest? No.
A Mystwood though.
I love Mystwoods so much.
There are not a bunch."

I replied, "I would love it here.
But I shed a tear.
For I cannot stay.
I will come again someday."

He said, "All you must do is dream.
Then just follow the stream!
It will take you to my home.
You will see it was built by gnomes."

"I bid you farewell.
Now you have a tale to tell.
See that many hear.
So that they may come near!"

"I will prepare the way.
So that you may return some day.
Farewell, and goodbye.
They await you nigh."

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This poem was inspired by this painting 3 years ago.

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