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currently I'm level 136, non-premium user. My skill layout is:
18x: Crit, True Colors, Fusion, Mana Stream, Resonance
0x: everything else

this leaves 312 unspent skill points resulting in a 2184 mana bonus.

My main goal is onyl maxing out the skills I absolutely need, and spending nothing in anything else to get the highest mana bonus possible. would there be a better possible layout at my current level and as I continue to grow?
(note that I've unlocked every non-premium skill possible, so everything but chain, blood, pool, fury)

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This really depends upon what you are doing. I spend a lot of my time now doing manafarms (I'm playing with permafreeze before an Endurance run right now) but if you are not, then you will likely be choosing different skills.

True Colors, Fusion, Masonry, Mana Stream, Resonance, Mana Leech, Critical Hit, Freeze, Wake of Eternity, Amplifiers, Traps. I also have the 4 you can't : Chain Hit, Bloodbound, Poolbound, Fury.

The only reason I have Freeze and WoE is because I'm using the Permafreeze technique right now. Otherwise, I'd forego them almost entirely.

If Masonry seems an odd choice, consider that it makes setting up the traps, amps, and towers free, for the first ones you build. It also allows for free walls for a while, good for Beacon-denial.

Keep your skills at a multiple of 3 - this includes any talisman benefits. If you have +2 to your Critical Hit (and other gem) skills then you want your base skill level + 2 to be a multiple of 3. With that in mind, when you have a few more skill points to spare, you will want to have all of your skills with 3 points invested.

Beyond that, try getting achievements on the various stages available to you for more skill points to supplement those you gain from leveling.

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