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Hello all, im an animator currently working on a personal project that wonât be finished. Why? Because I would have already died of starvation.
But you can change that, I will animate whatever you wish, be it sprites, intros, or just personal stuff, IT DOESNâT MATTER!
The best part is i wonât charge much at all, CUZ MAH STOMACH IZ HUNGRIES!
You can see some of my art and sprite work here:
I can also send some more samples if need be. You wonât have to pay a dime until i show you the concept!!!!!

Graphic design( logo, drawing, icons): $35 for a full set

Sprites: $100 for 10 animations and $250 for all the animations you want in your game

Animated cutscene: Starts at $100, varies with length.

All prices CAN BE NEGOTIATED! Contact me at before i wither away.

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Check out other threads in this forum for possible collaboration in game development @aigbe_idahosa! Maybe you can work things out... =)

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