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Im so bored Im dieing. Please can someone tell me !!!!!!LOW SPEC!!!!!! MMORPG or MOBA game which will work on my CRAPPY computer and actually has people playing it....... My computer - Windows XP,Intel(R) Celeron(R) D CPU 3,06 GHz, 512MB RAM

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MOBA...i'm not opening that can of worms with one of the worst of all gaming communities but i do know a few MMORPG games you could try. path of exil which will be getting its 2nd expansion on the 20th this month.

Eutopia... dammit eggmceye (the owner and main dev of the game), the URL to your site is redirecting to porn...AGAIN!

*sigh* use THIS link instead

sorry but eutopia is a good retro style mmorpg but that sites url...thats not the first time this has happened either and i don't know why it keeps happening either.

aside from those 2, i'm going to assume your on a desktop pc so its at least a fair bit better than my laptop so my last suggestion if you haven't tried it before is...dammit, now i went and forgot what the 3rd title i was going to suggest was. i'll edit this post and add it when i remember it. now if you'll excuse me, i have a friggin bad url to report to mr. Egg. >.>

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