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I've been thinking about a story Where users in armor games would battle villains from RPGs and RPs and Flash games from the armor games. Now if you want to be in the story than just fill out the sheet below same with wanting a villain in the story its a different sheet though.


It was a sunny day and the fair people of armor games where doing what they do! You know things like counting to 100, Drawing for art contests, counting to 100, explaining to cops why there innocent, counting to 100 Playing RPGs and counting to 100. Did I mention counting to 100? Than all the sudden a explosion hit the building. The users rushed to see what the commotion was and than it happened... The RPG, The RP and the flash game makers froze to see there own creations attacking them. They were forced to fight!

Now here is the sheet you fill out to create yourself:

Name: (Username but no numbers unless there crucial to you username like mine would just be Nivlac not Nivlac724)
Powers: (Based on how other people on armor games know you)
Weapons: (Same as powers)
Description: (Same as the last two if you haven't developed a armor games personality than based on your armatar)

Some characters I've created: (If you are the person You can change it or request not to be in the story if you want)

Name: R2D2
Powers: Able to launch his cookies!
Weapons: Poisonous cookies
Description: A quote from his profile "I'm AGs one and only specialized robot that sells poisonous cookies"

Name: Eliakith
Powers: Dark magic
Weapons: Dark staff, Rune chalk
Description: A dark mage!

Name: Stormwalker
Powers: Super strength, Mean attitude
Weapons: Warhammer Infused with the power of death, Shield
Description: A female warrior

Now here is the sheet you fill out to Suggest villains:

Game/RPG/RP: (What its from)
Status: (Active, Dead or Coma)
Villain(s): (What villain your suggesting)

Current characters signed up:

Name: Matt Angel
Powers: Can draw black-and-white sketches that turn into real objects (that use black-and-white sketch attacks)
Weapons: Giant pencil from Fancy Pants (used as a staff and as a pencil)

Name: Stormwalker
Powers: Super strength, Mean attitude
Weapons: Warhammer Infused with the power of death, Shield
Description: A female warrior

Name: Snag
Powers: summoning my cupcakes, to throw at people
Weapons: My special cupcakes.
Description: Derpy Penguin

Name: R2D2
Powers: Able to launch his cookies!
Weapons: Poisonous cookies
Description: A quote from his profile "I'm AGs one and only specialized robot that sells poisonous cookies"

Name: Philj
Powers: Very intellectual
Weapons: Experimental "stuff", things which are lying around.
Description: Short, bespectacled, geek. Rather sarcastic.Characters awaiting approval:

Name: Eliakith the 2nd
Powers: Ancient shadow magic
Weapons: Ancient Materias infused dark staff, Runic chalk
Description: One of the only ancient shadow casters left in the world. No man has seen his face, few know his past, but many have encountered him, only to lose mere seconds after they challenge him.

Name: Omega
Powers: able to charge, crying
Weapons: Razor sharp Antlers
Description: A crying stag. Nothing more to say.

Name: Alpy
Powers: Can light people on fire using his hair.
Weapons: Flammable hair.
Description: A normal teen entering his freshman year at high school, except for his hair being on fire.

Name: Ferret
Powers: Defender of the innocent and able to chase shiny things long distances.
Weapons: Four claws and teeth. Also, orbital banning cannon.
Description: Adorable Ferret.

Name: Miney , the fluffy ball of hair
Powers: Can smell things from 30 km
Weapons : Very sharp teeth
Description : Fluffy

Name: Lowco
Powers: Able to phase through walls, and can make anything he can think of
Weapon: The computer of light
Description: Is a creative shadow

Name: Unleashed
Powers: Skilled, well armored cold blooded berserk, night vision, sorcery.
Weapons: Swords, Axes... can use nearly all weapons he can hold of, sorcery.
Description: Cursed by a mad god (immortality, the only way to end his live: crude violence). Calm, but if you enrage him you find out this: aeons of bloodlust, blackness and nerverending hate flow in his veins... for a totaly unkonwn reason he like cats

Name: Sakew
Powers: Good at hacking
Weapons: Anything you can use from a computer
Description: Going with the flow.
Current villains:

Powers:Expert at swordsmanship and leadership.Has a move called "Precision" which increases damage by 50%.
Weapons:Legendary sword of light(LOL).
Description:The king of a country and a talented swordsman.Gladiator is a real saviour of good.He is a good and kind-hearted man.Helps every armor games citizen when in need.He also loves the arenas and being a gladiator,So he named himself Gladiator.

Name: Seone Rialline
Powers: Able to control gravity in a certain zone.
Weapons: Sphere of the Seone.
Description : A young woman by the age of 20 that possesses the power of the Seone, guardians of the balance between the worlds.

Name: weirdlike
Powers: Observation.
Weapons: Vocal amplification.
Description: Oddly strange mostly seen in dark corners or behind bushes, lurks a weird duck. If ever he is seen, you will feel an ominous gut twisting desire to stay away. As you gaze upon him you will find that you are also being gazed upon, and with a very misunderstood perception of expression.
Weirdlike actually has a disfigured elongated neck that has been fractured offset from the center creating an L-shape. A result from an unfortunate accident leaving him flightless and bound to waddle the grounds.
When approached he will instantly become distressed and might open up with a full on vocal explosion that is so deafening that any assailant would have their eardrums blown away, in fact he himself has already lost his hearing of his own accord.

Name: MrDayCee

Supernatural Strenght and everlasting Endurance, skilled with powerful and ancient Magical Spellcasting to defend and protect the innocent and blessed with Primal Positive Core-Energy that is freely shared with anyone who needs it, especially the enemy...

~ Mystical Ray of Positive Energy (Attonitus Exoculo Positivus Navitas) : a crushing ray of positive energy that blinds and stuns the enemy, leaving them completely vulnerable for a short while;
~ Smiley Summoning Spell (Expugno Gaudium Insaniam) : slaps a powerful smiley face upon the enemy's head, instantly taking over their body and mind, making them attack their own comrades with an enraging insane laugh;
~ Shield of the Righteous (Saeptum Munimentum Iusti) : raising an impenetrable shield of blue radiant energy, protecting everything behind it for a short while. Because of its massive size and power, the shield only lasts very shortly and drains the power from those that cast the spell;
~ Doomhammer! Despite its name, Doomhammer is a weapon of good, bringing doom to enemies and upholding the family's honor. This greathammer is composed of solid granite with the wolf's-head symbol of the 'Frostwolf Clan' fitted on either side. It is wrapped twice around with gold-studded leather and fitted on an oak handle. Indestructible and only to be weilded by its owner...

A shapeshifting entity that either watches over the lands from far above, shaped as an orbital presence known as the Flaming Sun, but when called to battle, descends to the surface in the form of the mighty Thrall, leader and Warchief of the feared Orcish horde... his arrival on the battlefield is always announced by an earth-shaking tremble and a harrowing roar, striking fear upon enemies.

Name: Daleks
Powers: Whatever the T-rex do
Weapons: Claws, Mouth, Legs
Description: T-rex


Game/RPG/RP: Kingdom Rush
Status: Alive

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