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I think removing the old way of ranks was a good thing, and the reason for that was because it forced the issue of spam and all that online non sense, which I admit, even I, at a time succumb to.
So now there is a trophy/achievement system, and I think the reason for that is, simple, promotion of games and getting back to what this site is about, flash games. Not just ranks and points and spam.

So I thought about it, and I realized, why not create a ranking system (and not a leaderboard thing) that gets your from squire to king or whatever it was, through the amount of trophies/achievements you have.
It promotes flash games, and gives you more of a reason to be diverse and broad in your flash gaming and basically at the same time still having the fun and titles of trying to reach the king rank.

This was just my feedback, because I feel like the trophy/achievement system isn't as fun as the ranking system.

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