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What's up guys, it's me ET3! I decided to make a topic here based on youtube. If you're a youtuber, post your youtube name and talk about your youtube channel and what you do! Get familiar with other youtubers who play games from Armor Games and stuff like that. So, I will start it off. My youtube channel is ET3GAMING and the channel is about doing commentary gameplays and nothing serious. All my gameplays basically have some terrible but hilarious fails here and there. At the moment, I just do simple browser based gameplays where i normally play games from Armor Games. I usually upload gameplays from Monday-Friday unless i have to work in between. I've been getting along with some of the video game developers here which is good. I don't know what else to say for now, but i'll come back here if have anything else. Please do check out the channel if you haven't already!

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