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Hi All,

I want to form a dev. team to build a small to medium rogue-like dungeon crawler. Essentially, I'd like it to frame the dungeons around a town and a linear storyline. The player choices would have some effect on the world such as which area of the town they would unlock or what missions outside the town they would be sent on.

I'd like to make the game in AS3 as I want it to be a 2D game and flash is pretty good for 2D games (not to mention, it's not as complicated as Unity). I've made several games in the past, but I can't make a decent one on my own. So here's what I'm looking for:
- Another Programmer (since rogue-like games tend to need LOTS of code)
- An Artist

Now I want to make a game that will be sponsored, so I really want to work with other people that have that same mindset.

Please PM me or respond in the thread if you're interested

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