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Hello people,
You Must've seen Strike Force Heroes 3 around the AG as it is released. If you are wondering on how to get Secret Achievements in it, Well T'm am the guy here! So let's Start.
Heads Up!
Requirements: Rocket launcher
1. Start like this on the Custom game option, you must have all the things shown in the Screen shot. Screenshot:
2. Now Select the Squad Member which Wields a Rocket launcher.
3. You need to touch the Head over here.
4. Now be on the exact place, as shown on the Screenshot and Blow yourself!
If you follow all the Steps correctly, you'll achieve the Achievement.
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Requirements: Any Melee Weapon
1. Start like this.
2. Select the Squad member which got a Knife Example a hatori hanzo or Stun baton, First Blood Etc.
3. Now move towards the Extreme Right.
4. This is where it gets tricky, you need to touch the Golden Object in the lava with your Melee weapon. Jump and reach to the object, this requires precission, then as you reach it, just keep shooting it with your melee Weapon, like this.
If you followed the Steps correctly, you'll achieve this Secret.
Cold Feet
Requirements: Any Flame Thrower
1. Load the Ice Carvens map and go to the Extreme Right.
2. Just Burn the feet, and you'll earn the Achievement.
Hope this Guild Works, leave a feedback and contact me if you face any more problems or stuff in SFH3
Good Luck! -DS

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