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Behold... Yet another story about the community here at Armor Games! This is similar in format to the 'AG High' story, in which it features the whole community. This is mainly a preview of things to come, an appetizer of sorts.
Please enjoy the Prologue.


Usually, I would hear the shrieks of the Spamlings and the clatter of the moderator's armaments fill the air in the wee hours of the morning. This morning, however, was different. Odd, I might add. There were no Spambots or moderators. Only the chattering of a ferret and other creatures, along with some blips and bloops. You know something big is about to happen when you hear a ferret squeaking outside your window.

Feeling excited, I quickly jumped out of bed and put on some clothes and shoes. (One can never forget the shoes!) I was about to scurry over to my roommate's bed to wake him up when I remembered. The crying stag, my roommate, is still on vacation. He and his shark friend of his went spelunking in the caves west of the city for a few weeks. (Though I still don't know how a great white and a stag would be able to get along without one of them trying to eat the other.)

My neighbors also must have waken up to the "commotion", since really, ferrets are really quiet chatterers. Believe me when I say this, but when you live in this city, no matter what time it is at night, you will wake up to the sound of a ferret. They too, must have realized what was going on outside. I walked up to my door and pressed my ear against it to listen in on some of their conversations.

"Construction should be finished within the hour..."

"I've heard rumors, and this is the biggest building project ever!"

"...I haven't seen anything like it since '07."

"Great, more spambots..."

All of the commotion in the hallway fell to a whisper. 'What's happening now?' I mumbled to myself. I pressed my eye up to the peephole. There were four large, muscular and glittery legs trotting through the hallway. It quickly turned and faced my door. All of a sudden, my door flung open, throwing me to the ground and knocking me unconscious.


A teen dressed in armor and riding a magical unicorn trotted in. He dismounted from his steed and walked towards the crumpled figure.

"Oy, Apple! Have you heard the news! The city leaders are about finished with building the..." He stopped and poked his now unconscious friend. "Uh, Apple? You awake, man?"

"See, Legend? This is why you should always knock first." A man in red was standing outside the doorway. "C'mon, let's watch them from outside."


Try to guess who was featured in this pre-chapter...

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