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Cartoon Network recently revealed this show a while ago and it would be nice to share my personal opinion about it.
If you never heard about it, it follows the lives of 3 kinds of bears (A brown bear, a polar bear, and a panda in this case) doing stuff a common social person does on the Internet and on the outside world. This might sound like a concept that will never work for any purpose whatsoever, but call me crazy because I think it works for me.
This is something that still sadly has to follow the modern Cartoon Network artstyle and formula though, but face it: Adventure Time and Gumball were being dragged on for too long, Clarence and Steven Universe look nice but they don't really ring a bell at all for me, and Uncle Grandpa is just too grotesque.
Also. the characters look adorable which makes me want to give this a huge plus.

Now I want to hear from you. What do you think about this new show?

UPDATE: After seeing the first episode, I ended up enjoying it but then I got worried right away. The attitude of the episode is very extreme as the bears are constantly being treated in a negative way. But that was just the first episode and I hope it doesn't happen again on the next episodes.

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