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This is a guide for don't escape 3.
This guide is for anyone who has gotten stuck in the game and needs help, it contains minimal story spoilers, ans shows how to get all 6 achievements/quest's and text logs.


You start the game in the airlock of a spaceship with a timer counting down, if the timer reaches zero you die so click the control panel to the right of the large circular door.

This will open a console with four options, click the bottom one to "restore safety protocols" and then click the button above that to "abort ejection procedure", now the timer has stopped so click the control panel again, and open the interior door.

Now walk backwards into the main part of the ship and pick up the object on the floor to open another console, click the status button and then close the console, now walk right until you reach a room with a dead body.

pick up the hose attached to the canister by the right side of the room, and then keep walking right, until you are in the bridge, here pick up the small object in the bottom right corner of the room, and then walk back left past the airlock and to a dead end.

On the wall in front of you is a fuse box, use the fuse you got in the bridge on it to restore light to the quarters, now walk forward into the lab and get some antibiotics from the cabinet above the sink, and the empty flask from the table and head to the quarters.

now that you can kinda see in the quarters, pick up the knife from the dead body in front of you and also use the flask on it to get a blood sample, than use the machine at the back of the room and get some alcohol, you can also get a food ration or some pancakes but these are useless.

Now head right into the bathroom and open the cabinet to the left and get some detergent and go to the right twice, pick up the canister on the floor, the data disk to the left of the room, and some plant leaves from the plants in front of you.

Now make your way back to the doorway to the bridge and use the knife on the vent cover in front of you, and pick up the key inside the vent and head back to the lab, where you can use that key to open the locker in the back of the room and get some glasses, and a bottle of acid.

now back out of the lab and put on the glasses, combine the plasma torch and the fuel canister, and check the door to the left twice, now use the plasma torch on the dotted line around the panel.

you have to hold down the mouse button and drag the torch around the dotted line until the panel comes off, pull the lever the panel was blocking and head through the newly opened door.

Pick up the card on the ground and head back into the airlock, where you can now use that card to get a space suit, now go back out of the airlock and head right one screen to the escape pod and use the card again on the panel to the right of the door and head inside.

Pick up the toolbox and head back to engineering, now you have two options to get past the green vapors, one put on the space suit and walk through them or two, use the toolbox on the circuit in front of you,doing the latter takes 20 minutes but there is already plenty of time in the game to do everything that i find either way works.

Head left and forward to life support and click the machine on the right, click activate auxiliary life support to add 3 hours to the clock, don't bother with main life support as it no longer works.

Use data disc you picked up at the crew quarters on the machine to the left, and then use it to make a data pad MK 2 processor and use it on your data pad, also make a portable igniter.

Head back to the lab and put the blood sample, detergent, and acid into the mixer on the table and blend them together, get the result out of the mixer with the now empty flask and head back to life support.

put the mixture you just made into the fire sprinkler box to the right of the room and use the life support console to test the fire sprinkler in the isolation ward.

Now go to the isolation ward from the lab and open the locker to the left of the room to get some explosives, go back to the lab and put the alcohol, plant leaves, and antibiotics in the mixer to get another mixture that you put on the explosives.

Now to get the code to the bedroom, to do this there are four rooms you have to go to, open the data pad, and use the security cameras to piece together some footage and get one of the digits to the code.

First is the hall outside the quarters, wait for the spaceman to appear then click the left most canister, then click the guy welding.

Second Is the left side of the mess hall, wait for the spaceman to appear, then click the guy sitting at the table.

Third is the right side of engineering, click the panel on the right, click it again, click the circular panel on the left, then click it again.

Lastly is the isolation ward, wait for the person in the hazmat suit to turn around, click the hazmat suit person, click the crystal on the table.

Now with the code (I cant say it because its random every game) go to the right side of the mess hall and put the code into the console to the right side of the screen, go into the bedroom, and click the green button to the left.

click the screen until a cutscene starts, when it ends open the rightmost locker, pick up the captains card and go to the bridge, where you can use the captains card to gain access the captains desk. From here turn off safety protocols.

Splitting paths

This is where the many ending's branch off, first the two best endings (in my opinion)

Go into the airlock and put the space suit on, close the interior door, decompress the room, and open the exterior door, now walk up to it and remove the panel to the left. now click the rope the panel was covering.

now head out to the rubble out in space, here there are a couple of small pieces of metal that stand out. click the one on the right the reveal a small crystal, pick it up and head back to the ship.

In the isolation ward put the two crystals you have in with the rest of them and head the the left side of engineering. Put the portable igniter on the bomb you have and put the bomb on the ships power core.

It won't matter where you are, when you blow up the core the entire ship will blow up. Alternatively you can leave the crystal in with the rubble and get a slightly different ending.

Next there are two endings related to blowing up the lab, first to blow up the lab just plant the bomb with the igniter on it in the isolation ward. Blow it up when your not in the lab, then use the escape pod to get the first ending.
To get the second ending just blow up the lab while your in it.

The final ending is a pretty easy one, just wait out the timer at the beginning of the game or click eject on the console.

Chemical puzzle

The chemical puzzle comes up around the middle of the game and in the walkthrough i glossed over how it works so this is how.

In the lab there is a chemical mixer that can mix three of six different things on the ship that are unlimited in supply, but takes 15 minutes to do so.
There are two recipe's you can make with it, something to weaken a type of crystal, and something to enhance explosives.
Those recipe's are found on the same table as the mixer but they are written in chemical compounds, so you have to take the ingredients to a chemical analyser on the same table as everything mentioned above. This puts the chemical compound in you data pad to view at any time. Lastly if you ever get the mixture in the mixer and blood or another mixture in the flask you can just pour the contents of the flask into the sink.


In order to get one of the achievements in the game you have to get one of the ending's, every achievement you got will be awarded to you during the ending cutscene.
The quest's work the same and are the same as the achievements, if you don't get them refresh the page and check the achievements screen on the menu.

Spaced: Eject yourself out of the ship at the start of the game.

Escape Pod: Use the escape pod at any point in the game.

The Truth: Get the code to the bedroom and see the cutscene that goes with it.

Hull Breach: Blow up the lab with you inside.

Decontamination: Blow up the entire ship with you in it.

Lost In Space: Blow up the ship with you and the crystal from the rubble in the ship.


There are six text logs from the crew of the ship in the game, these are their locations.

1: On the floor outside the airlock in the data pad.

2: In the captains console labeled "Access mission orders".

3: In the bridge on the console to the back of the room.

4: Under the desk in the lab.

5: In the isolation ward, by the dead person.

6: In the captains console marked "Log - Last entry", you need the captains card to see it.

Ending notes

There are a few items that i assume to be useless those being everything from the food machine in the mess hall but the alcohol, and everything from the 3D printer but the data pad chip ant the igniter, but if anybody finds a use for them please let me know so i can put it in the guide.

And with that, Farewell.

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